Update 2.18 announcement

On January 3, 2020 at 18.00 hours we will update Promotional Office to version 2.18.

An overview of the new functions and solved errors can be found in Promotional Office under the menu item Help -> Update text.

As part of this update we will perform a migration to new servers. This is necessary due to an update of the Windows operating system on the servers to the latest Microsoft version.

When you start Promotional Office on Monday January 6, Promotional Office will be automatically removed from your system and the new version will be installed. However, if this does not work in exceptional cases, please remove the old version via the control panel and install the new version manually via the link on our website (make sure you open the link via an Edge- or Internet Explorer Browser).

The update will take up the entire weekend. You cannot work with Promotional Office during the update.

if you have a Homeserver, you can always contact our support to schedule an update, otherwise we will contact you.

Your Promidata Team

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