Hotfix 2.18.9 announcement

The hotfix will be installed in the Data Center on Tuesday, the 03.08.2021 after 9 pm. There may be a short break during installation. We ask for your understanding.

 The following tickets are processed with this hotfix:

  • General
    • Promotional Sourcing is now available. You will find Promotional Sourcing in the main menu.
      This new search option replaces the well-known Promotional Content, ProMas and PromBase.
      Via Promotional Sourcing you can configure products including imprints and then import them into Promotional Office.
  • Quotation/Order
    • Error when copying if the texts from the master data need to be updated.
      This error only occurs with temporary products (22776)
  • Article
    • Items are not imported if they were used as a temporary product in the past (22822)
  • Purchase order
    • An error occurs if the company name of the delivery address is longer than 75 characters (22683)
  • PromBase/PIM
    • Imports the wrong minimum order quantity, if it is different in the different languages ​​(22844)
  • Twinfield
    • Adaptation to the new authentication (OAuth) of Twinfield (22845)
  • Web API
    • GetDataAsDataTable rounds values ​​with decimals (22775)
    • Deliver order via API (22478)
    • IndentPositionIdentifier not populated on operations orders (22552)
    • Timeout when using combined search criteria to search for orders (22554)
    • Added VAT percentage and Editing costs (22554)

Homeserver which already have the version 2.18 can request this hotfix from our support.
Homeserver that does not have the version 2.18, get this hotfix automatically when updating to 2.18.

Your Promidata Team

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