Hotfix 2.17.4 announcement

The hotfix will be installed in the Data Center on Wednesday, the 15.05.2019 after 9 pm. There may be a short break during installation. We ask for your understanding.

 The following tickets are solved with this hotfix:

  • General
    • NullReferenceException in other overviews (19847)
    • Improvement FR translations (20111)
  • Quote/Sales Order
    • Slow at many logo detail positions (20255)
    • Logodetail dialog is not displayed centered (20066)
    • Relays are not copied correctly by new articles (20097)
  • Article
    • Multi-line descriptions in the Excel import are not imported correctly (20353)
  • Sales Order
    • Start date filter, the selection is empty (20358)
  • User
    • Improve the limitation of the e-mail address (19813)
  • Content Import
    • Data is now imported from PIM (19994)
  • Dashboard
    • Can not be loaded if the user has a _ in the Windows user name (19865)
  • Product Configurator
    • Internal text is not displayed on the Multiselect (20502)
  • Kunde/Lieferant
    • Darf Mail empfangen soll Standard aus bei neuen Kontaktpersonen (19936)
  • PromBase/Promidata PIM
    • Data may not be updated via Excel (20347)
    • Import fails if product has had variants now no longer has (19918)
    • Import of options with special characters gives errors (20041)
    • Error on item import now better displayed (19968)
  • Open API
    • Create a RESTful Web API with a general offer and sales order import for custom applications (19644)
  • Web Service
    • New Promidata webshop connection (16780)

Homeserver which already have the version 2.17 can request this hotfix from our support.
Homeserver that does not have the version 2.17, get this hotfix automatically when updating to 2.17.

Your Promidata Team

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