Hotfix 2.17.6 announcement

The hotfix will be installed in the Data Center on Friday, the 12.07.2019 after 9 pm. There may be a short break during installation. We ask for your understanding.

 The following tickets are processed with this hotfix:

  • Common – Show a supplierlist with A-Numbers in the help Menu (20708)
  • Quote – The convertion to a sales order shows invalid relay price selection for products articles (20820)
  • Printing
    • Null Reference Exception for very old products (20872)
    • Sequence Fehler when the product do not have the language of the supplier (20873)
  • Invoice – Export via XSLT is slow when the invoices have many positions (20824)

Homeserver which already have the version 2.17 can request this hotfix from our support.
Homeserver that does not have the version 2.17, get this hotfix automatically when updating to 2.17.

Your Promidata Team

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