Update 2.16 of Q2.2018

Here is a list of change requests, payment fits and bug fixes included in this release:



Subject Description Ticket Customer
General Barbados added to the country list. 17446 Gilt Edged, IGEP
Actions assign with “Acountmanager Quote/Sales Order” are now visible in the My Task List of the start dialog 14048 Beigebell, Promise Promo
If the recommended products can’t be shown, a information dialog will be displayed. 18569 Multiple customers
via Error Reporting
Adjusting the start screen by hiding components and making them visible again led to problems. This error is caused by Microsoft therefore the hiding of components on the startpage is temporarily disabled. 17872 Multiple customers
via Error Reporting
The column name of the Windows F2 Dialog now contains the name of the selected customer or supplier. 16296 Promidata
The update text can now be printed for later use, if the print margins do not fit then you have to adjust this in Internet Explorer at the settings. 18134 Plan Concept
Inline costs no longer cause a save error when used in a production product with unique. 18363 CHX Products
Quotation Overview changed to show a large number of Quotes. 17006 KSI
The conversion wizard is now shown even if there is only one product in the quotation. 17392 Lyreco, MB Promotion
Quotation/Sales Order Actions with previous actions now work correctly when changing the category. 18239 Promobox
When convert a quotation to a sales order and when copying a sales order to an offer, the price groups and discounts are copied correctly. 18158 Screenworks
The names of the main tabs have been adjusted so that there are no duplicates in the names anymore. 16624 Astria
When removing positions, in some cases a NullReferenceException error occurred, this has been resolved. 7695 Multiple customers
via Error Reporting
Pre-payment Invoice With a double click on OK, no duplicate Pre-payment Invoices are created. 17423 G.E.P.
Filtering on sales order agent in the invoice overview now works correctly. 18395 Imhotep
Article Incorrect values in the second tab of the article info have been corrected. 17705 Premobv
Showing images in the article overview sometimes caused problems. The image preview is temporarily deactivated. We are still investigating solutions to correctly display the images. 18336 Multiple customers
via Error Reporting
Order When making an order with samples, related costs are now included. 17363 Promidata
Advanced search on input date is now possible. 17973 Compacon
The warehouse location is now also checked when reserving in open orders. 18212 Sourcing City
Order Ordering extra quantities for the stock only works if the item is a stock item. 17373 Multiple customers
via Error Reporting
The order advice list now also contains the supplier name. 18433 Texodata
Print Customer reference from the order can now also be printed on the packing list (Template adjustments will be charged). 17605 Sourcing City
Settings Currencies can only be created if all fields are fully filled. 17214 Van Bavel
Creditnote The address can now be changed after creation. 11762 Diebels, KSI
Configurator Upon opening, all quantities of sales price breaks can be entered automatically.
This is activated via an setting, please check this with your Administrator.
18003 Sourcing City
An optimization has been made for a reported situation. 18489 Umbrella Company
Customer It is possible to export addresses including the contacts. 16402 Compacon
Customer export now shows the person data when the main contact is used. 15659 Compacon , HBW merchandise
Packing slip Correcting deliveries at a partial delivery is now no problem anymore if not every item is delivered. 17835 Gilt Edged
Correcting the delivery when creating the packing list is now a separate setting 17839 Sourcing City
In the case of direct delivery, this is sent to the correct E-Mail. 16768 Plan Concept, Proact
Prombase Import Products from the Promidata Webshop Database can now be imported with variations.
If you want to use this functionality, please contact our support.
17924 Promidata, Texodata
Invoice Address details can now also be changed if the invoice has already been exported. 16892 Proact, Promidata
Advanced search for the customer agent is now possible. 17021 KSI
Advanced search on the invoice date is now possible.
To show results faster, only the results of the current and last year are shown by default. If you want to see more then adjust the filter.
17022 KSI
Maximum end date for making the Invoice is now a setting.
This is activated via a setting, please contact your Administrator.
17016 KSI
VAT selection at the item position can no longer be accidentally changed with an already created invoice 17403 ShirtBox L
(Extra module)
A column has been added to view the number of products available in the future. 18183 Sourcing City
The statistics tool is now translatable.
The menu is displayed in the language of the operating system of your PC. Data and individual statistics are displayed in the language of the user. At this moment the tool is available in English and German, Dutch will be made available soon.
17808 Promidata
Statistics with an overview of order margins and margin targets has been added. 18193 Interimage
Statistics with an overview of article positions in orders has been added 17000 Interimage
User Sales Order margin targets per year / month can now be entered.
This can only be done by the administrator in the user settings.
18192 Interimage
Web Service The status of quotations including order numbers of converted items can now be retrieved. 17276 Pellacraft
Own article numbers can no longer be changed if the article has already been used.
This usually happens when a user changes a wrong article. If this happens now, an error message will be displayed.
17158 Plan Concept
Variations can now be deactivated or activated. 18025 Sourcing City
IndentInformation object has been extended by product descriptions and address data. 17302 Mindvision
Supplier data can now be searched and fetched. 17300 Mindvision
IndentInformation is extended by related costs. 17310 Sourcing City
If the wrong product type is used when updating an item, an error message will be send. 17298 Multiple customers
Sales Orders can now be searched. 17301 Mindvision
The retrieval of options has been changed to Paging so that a very large number of options can be retrieved in parts. 17574 Sourcing City
The Agent of a quotation/sales order can now be given. 14883 KSI
Actual stock count can now be retrieved 18600 Pellacraft


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