Hotfix 2.18.6 announcement

The hotfix will be installed in the Data Center on Tuesday, the 15.12.2020 after 9 pm. There may be a short break during installation. We ask for your understanding.

 The following tickets are processed with this hotfix:

  • Purchase order – proposal list shows errors in bulk orders with a minimum order quantity (22470)
  • Print – Make the total purchase invoice printable in your own currency (22511)
  • RESTful API
    • LogoUrlList is not imported (22476)
    • Error while importing when a PIM article needs to be updated (22465)
  • Invoice – Make the VAT percentage rate available for each item during CVS export (22371)
  • WEX Import
    • Expand to include e-mail and supplier name (22513)
    • Error when selecting a customer (22399)
  • Web Service – Make SupplierTextPurchaseOrderText importable (22479)
  • Webshop Export – Export all product languages (22432)

Homeserver which already have the version 2.18 can request this hotfix from our support.
Homeserver that does not have the version 2.18, get this hotfix automatically when updating to 2.18.

Your Promidata Team