Date: 27.01.2022 10:44:16

Even more power⚡ and individuality: Our Wireless Charger Metal has deservedly become one of our bestsellers thanks to its elegant design and the practical quick charging function for Qi-enabled devices.
Many mobile devices can now recharge their batteries withmore power and even faster. In order to do justice to this trend, we are now offering our chic promotional item highlight in addition to the 10W version with 15W power for extra fast charging.
And for a particularly high degree of individuality, the Charger can even be printed all over in 4c, which opens up completely new possibilities for advertising design. Photorealistic motifs instead of monochrome logos – a real eye-catcher for every desk!
Both variants of the Wireless Charger Metal can be found at:
+49 (0)5205-99100