Date: 04.06.2022 08:27:34

Stylishly packaged while keeping your data top secure – that’s what the multifunctional 8 GB USB flash drive “USB & Touch & Stempel” from the traditional company Heri Rigoni GmbH from Fischbach in southern Germany has to offer. With its high-quality look, it’s a welcome companion in the office and in the field.
With the functions USB data backup, touch function for smartphones and tablets and a stamp with up to 4 lines, Heri Rigoni GmbH, market leader in the field of stamp writing devices made in Germany, combines three practical functions in a single high-quality advertising medium. The all-metal casing with clip can be customized with a high-quality soft-touch lacquer finish: a noble advertising message can be wonderfully lasered in with the CO2 laser to create a silver engraving. Up to a quantity of 100 pieces, the memory device is offered with eight gigabytes of storage space; above that, other memory sizes are also available on request.  
The stamp is customized to each recipient. A code is attached to the pen. If the owner of the pen visits the website, he can enter the desired text for the stamp there and will then receive the stamp free of charge and worldwide.