Tiflo b.v.
Charles petitweg 35-A11
4827 HJ Breda

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You ask, we do !!!
– Models for men, women and children.
– From silicone watches in stainless steel chronograph models.
– Trendy, classic, retro, cartoon-style or just cool and sporty.
– Simple or packaged correctly luxury.
Basically Tiflo BV can produce almost any desired color or model in performance! Our short lines with factories in China, we can respond quickly and flexibly to any market demand. We handle the entire process: from initial concept to delivery. Tiflo mainly works with distributors in the relationship and wholesale providers of choice gift concepts and loyalty programs.
Tiflo represents
– wide range of products
– overall concept
– Fast and flexible
– customizable custom
– quality of delivery
Tiflo b.v. – We Provide Time!

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