Date: 22.09.2022 09:16:39

Ecology and promotional items unite here in the forms of true USB stick classics. The popular USB sticks in a new guise made of environmentally friendly PLA plastic. The material is based on polylactide, or PLA for short (from the English word “polylactic acid”). This is a biodegradable biopolymer obtained from renewable raw materials (such as corn starch). This plastic is compostable. Equipped with a high-quality memory -which makes the USB product all the more durable- a sustainable, eco-friendly promotional gift that can be used across industries. Their awareness of people and the environment is sure to go down well with their business partners and customers.

What exactly is PLA?

The material is based on polylactide or simply PLA (from the English word “polylactic acid”). This is a biodegradable biopolymer that is obtained from renewable raw materials (such as corn starch).

The material has a hazelnut color, with a special melange effect. In addition to its aesthetics, the strength of this USB flash drive lies in breathing new life into recycled plastic while being ecologically sound.

How do I dispose of PLA?

What within a certain period of time and under certain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.), through the action of microorganisms or fungi can add up to 90% in water, CO2 and biomass. This means that biodegradable products, such as those made from PLA, win hands down in comparison with petroleum-based plastics.

Does PLA come in other colors?

The bioplastic USB flash drive is only available in the color shown.

Is the memory different from the standard USB flash drive?

This USB stick comes standard with high quality branded memory. Alternatively, high-speed memory can be installed, which provides faster data transfer, and is designed for higher demands.

Is PLA sustainable?

The benefits of sustainable promotional products cannot be underestimated in times of climate change and high environmental pollution. Ecologically sound promotional products help to conserve valuable resources, avoid unnecessary waste, and appeal to people’s environmental awareness. Sustainable promotional gifts stand for high standards of quality and environmental protection.

Are there also disadvantages to PLA?

As with many other things in life, the adage applies to PLA: all that glitters is not gold. Although PLA is biodegradable, it can only be decomposed in industrial composting plants. Home compost is out of the question here, as the climatic conditions are not right for PLA products to decompose.