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As a
supplier is SL BAGS specialized in design and production of various kinds of

built up a reputation as a reliable supplier of customer-specific and
high-quality products thanks to its many years of experience and expertise. For
almost 50 years, with a new generation at the helm, the customer has been
assisting SL BAGS central.


Bags is a sustainable label of SL Bags. Recycle Bags wants to reduce the
plastic waste mountain. The best way to reduce the plastic soup is to stop
using single-use plastic and recycling used plastic waste. We recycle 3 to 32
used PET plastic bottles for every new reusable bag. The best gift is a cleaner
world. Help reduce plastic waste and give used plastic bottles a new life!


VASAD is a
trendy bag brand with a rich history. The company was founded in 1923, three
generations of Van der Sandt back. VASAD traditionally produced bags and leather
bicycle saddles in the Netherlands. Now it is a label for modern, functional
bags. The craftsmanship that makes VASAD has grown, the bags have moved with
the times. Now you will find under the name VASAD a beautiful quality
collection of unisex bags that you want to be seen with.

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