Date: 14.01.2022 13:26:45

There the joy is however “animal” – and not only with the two-legged friend but also with the four-legged friend. With the new products around the faithful companion of humans the emotion factory from Fischbach in the Black Forest came truly “on the dog” and makes thereby the development of a completely new customer group in the advertising novelty market possible.
Behind the unique product line is a rather coincidental but no less creative idea of the emotion factory managing director Armin Rigoni, who is a dog owner himself: “During a dog food purchase, I received a ballpoint pen as a promotional gift. But dog and pen don’t really go together for me.” The decision here to design its own product line was quickly made and so the company launches a broad portfolio around dog and master. “After all, if the dog is happy, the owner is happy too and the advertising message stays in the memory for a long time,” sums up Rigoni with a grin.
Under the slogan “promotional products for pets”, high-quality dog treats from the Bavarian manufacturer Happy Dog are offered in decorative packaging, which is then also reusable. In addition there are also high-quality chewing products and further such as “Gassi bags” from the topic surrounding field. Whether veterinary surgeon, dog hairdresser, animal welfare practical men, municipalities or the pet shop – with the creatively packed Fitness Snacks in bone form the recruiting company finds over the loved dog the way in the memory of the master.
These and further animal advertising novelties can be found in the new flyer “Advertising novelties for pets” or ask your advertising novelty dealer. Go’s already starting from a quantity of 250 pieces.

Picture: Truly on the dog is the emotion factory with its products around the four-legged friend and his master.  Image: emotion factory