Date: 14.10.2022 11:25:53

Especially in the cold season, but also increasingly due to monocultures and thus lower numbers of insects, which normally also serve as a food supplier for domestic wild birds, our regional peacocks need help in finding food. This can save the increasingly dwindling biodiversity from reduction or even extinction. Nutrient-rich bushes with berries, acorns or nuts are also becoming steadily rarer, so birds can no longer help themselves and eat a bacon cushion for the harsh winter months.
There is however remedy: A true palate feast for domestic game birds offers the bird food to go small house of the emotion factory from Niedereschach in the Black Forest, which holds immediately “ready to serve” grains with the help of a special Clous. The little house is made entirely of cardboard with two separate chambers. The food is stored in the back of the little house. By removing the food flap on the front, the food falls down and acts like a small feeding trough. This feeder paradise can be conveniently placed immediately or hung from a loop in a shrub or tree.
The high quality, ragweed controlled litter feed, contains valuable seeds and grains. Space for the freely designable advertising message can be found on an individually printable paper sticker on the feed flap or on an advertising card on the roof of the hut.