Date: 20.11.2021 16:29:01

The end consumer is increasingly paying attention to the green footprint when shopping in the supermarket. In addition to reusable products, less packaging and the use of renewable raw materials, it therefore also makes sense to consider this sustainability idea when advertising with sales displays directly at the point of sale. The emotion factory from the Black Forest incorporates ecology into every product idea from the outset.  These include the small seed bombs with bee-friendly flower seeds, also available as on-pack packaging for bottles – in the spirit of urban gardening and the creation of insect-friendly flower strips. When the so-called Flower Ball is applied to soil, a small flower oasis is created for insects. The advertising company benefits twofold: it presents itself in a sustainable manner and, through the interaction during planting, the customer will also have positive associations with the brand at home. The packaging is individually designed. Starting from a quantity of 2,500 pieces.