Date: 01.04.2022 20:22:11

Improving the indoor climate, helping wild birds, promoting biodiversity, delighting people and nature and, above all, promoting the company with positive interactive products – that’s what you can do with the products from the emotion factory’s summer range.

After last year’s elections had already focused attention intensively on sustainability, this topic is still relevant for fellow human beings and also in the advertising sector. Very popular are the products from the insect helper range, such as the bird food box, the bird or insect house or bird feeder bags – all of which can be individually printed. In addition, with its “bee helper stick” or flower balls products, the emotion factory continues to place emphasis on florals in order to prevent the death of bees. The reduction of microplastic waste can be counteracted with the fruit and vegetable bag, the rocking bowl made of bioplastic or the drinking straws made of durum wheat. Get your customers in the mood for summer, nature and the outdoors right now. Discover exciting things about gardening in the office or little helpers against the summer heat and reach your customers.