Date: 19.08.2022 15:38:59

The products in the new Christmas Joy 2022 catalogue from the Heri Rigoni / emotion factory are maximally Christmassy. For many of the products, maximum sustainability, maximum advertising benefit and maximum product features are the top priorities. What remains minimal, however, is the effort for advertisers, because with many new products the emotion factory takes on additional services for even easier Christmas greetings for companies.

For example, the new DIN LANG envelope made of seed paper. Here, the Fischbach-based company optionally offers the dispatch of the entire Christmas mailing with a lettershop and takes over the complete production and logistics.

Often an envelope is a purely disposable product. The opposite is the case here, because Christmas spruce seeds are worked into the paper of the envelope, which in combination with water and soil grow into a Christmas tree and where, so to speak, the envelope itself represents a meaningful gift. The envelope itself can be printed on all sides, has an adhesive strip and the paper is completely biodegradable. The envelope is available as a single product or can be combined with a card made of seed paper, which can also be printed individually.

With the next newcomers, sustainability also plays a double role and at the same time emotion factory brings the stars from the sky for the customers. In the area of plant woods, the most popular promotional product range, the developers have come up with a Christmasy stunt: The sustainable promotional gift plant wood is available for Christmas in the newly designed Star Box. This high-quality packaging with an advent-like star closure gives the Christmas mailing a high-class character. It contains the popular Planting Wood, the Planting Wood Maxi, or the office version made of European wood, spruce seeds for your own Christmas tree and substrate as soil. In addition, the mini flower pot for the office offers the possibility to store its pens and is thus guaranteed to be a permanent advertising ambassador in the customer’s office. The Starbox can be printed individually on all sides and the star-shaped cut-out allows the gift to be guessed at – arousing the recipient’s curiosity. The plant wood itself can be engraved with a logo, for example. On request, this unique natural product is also available with other seeds – for New Year’s Eve, for example, as a lucky clover version.  The Christmas gift tags also promise maximum Advent fun. They have multiple customer contact and are ideal as a give-away or self-mailer product thanks to their flat shape and light weight.