Date: 06.10.2022 21:05:48

When you look at the wood-felt pendants from the emotion factory, you feel like you’ve been beamed to the next Christmas market, despite the still summery temperatures, and have the smell of fir branches and mulled wine in your nose. Because the small trailers seem like from one of the lovingly decorated stalls on one of the adventitiously illuminated Christmas market stands. The highlight of these figurines is that they combine natural materials such as wood and felt in Christmas shapes and colors and thus conjure up a cozy atmosphere in the decorated windows, on the Christmas tree or the Advent wreath. In the shapes of angel, star, snowman and tree, the pendants are produced in Europe and have a softly playful look due to the light wood, which comes from certified cultivation, and the warm felt shades. They are available in a promotional bag or box with an insert printed on both sides for an end-of-year customer greeting. Now is the time to relax and think about your Christmas greetings. Starting at 250 pieces.