Date: 04.08.2022 12:53:03

While many are currently enjoying their well-deserved summer vacation we used the time and prepared two great innovations for you. Two of our bestsellers are now also available as an optimized high-speed version to supply your mobile devices with new energy even faster. The 3in1 Cable Flex “Highspeed” provides up to 5A/66W via the USB-C connection (Apple: 2.4A, Micro-USB: 2A) and is also protected against cable breakage thanks to the reinforced and flexible connectors.
The Magnetic Data “Highspeed” also offers a quick charge function (USB-C: 3A/60W, Apple: 2-4A, Micro-USB: 2A) and has a USB-C input in addition to the USB-A plug. It also supports data transmission and protects the mobile end devices from wear and tear and dirt, since the magnetic connectors can simply remain in the device.
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