Date: 04.12.2021 18:07:56

Wash your hands, wash your hands and wash them again – that’s what really everyone can do at the moment to support the measures to contain the corona virus. The stamp manufacturer Heri-Rigoni  from Fischbach is also thinking about how to support the Federal Government’s efforts to contain the Corona virus:“Everyone and also we as companies from the region have a responsibility in the current phase”, explains Managing Director Armin Rigoni, which is why Heri-Rigoni is involved in Corona aid. He and his team quickly added a new product to the range. „We asked ourselves how to motivate the little earthlings to keep their hands under the tap once more”, says Head of Sales Adrian Rigoni, and we now have a playful solution for this” – The Protect Kids Stamp, a small „Corona monster” on a stamp that motivates the children to clean their hands.
In the morning, right after getting up, you go to the stamp. Stamp the corona monster motif on each back of the hand and the palm, dry for approx. 10 seconds and wash well several times during the day. If the virus monster has disappeared before bedtime in the evening, the hands have been washed sufficiently often and the child helps to defeat the virus. This stamp is produced in Austria and contains stamp ink that is dermatologically harmless and certified. Each stamp holds approx. 3,000 prints. The stamps can now be ordered online at