Date: 27.05.2022 11:18:27

A constant coming and going, arrival and departure, but also an “arrival and feeling at home” – that is what characterizes a good hotel. Based on this, emotion factory develops its insect house – a hotel for wild bees and other useful insects, which enables them to find shelter in ever decreasing natural habitats and to be close to the few food sources. This consciousness that meanwhile many garden owners or balcony owners have, uses the advertising material manufacturer from the Black Forest around advertising message and nature protection thought to combine. Whether standing on the ground or hanging in the bushes it helps to protect species.  The individual wooden parts are put together to form an insect house. Thus, the recipient can enjoy the lively buzzing of bees and lively hotel business at his self-made cottage.
A laser engraving on the wooden roof provides a lasting advertising message. The insect house is packaged in a flat, environmentally friendly and climate-neutral bag with a customizable advertising tab.
Image: Busy bee buzz can be heard around the insect house