Date: 11.01.2022 09:54:07

tried and tested features remain, the new ones make the planting cube 2.0 even
more attractive. Just in time for the beginning of spring, the promotional
product manufacturer from Niedereschach in the Black Forest updates the green
and sustainable product. “As part of product development, we have expanded
our popular advertising range with the planting cube 2.0 and added a waterproof
paper cup in which the flowers can grow. This makes ecological advertising even
more fun and the long-lasting advertising benefit remains even more lovingly
designed in the mind of the recipient,” says Armin Rigoni, Managing
Director of the traditional company, explaining the idea behind the
lightweight. Because with only a few grams of its own weight, the planting cube
2.0 is an ideal gift for a print mailing. The product is delivered with a peat
tab, seeds of the egg tree, suitable for Easter or, on request, various
spring-like plant seeds. The colourful paper packaging can simply be torn open
at the perforation, watered briefly and the promotional product conjures up a
bit of sprouting greenery in the office and puts people in a good mood. The
advertising message is printed on the high-quality packaging. Since the packaging
is an advertisement and a “flower pot” in one, the advertising
message is retained for a long time.