Fare – Guenter Fassbender GmbH
Stursberg II 12
42899 Remscheid

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FARE ? Est. 1955
Back in the 1960s FARE® already supplied frames and handles to many umbrella manufacturers in German-speaking countries. Ten years later the company concentrates more strongly on the import of finished fashion umbrellas and further internationalization. So FARE® became one of the leading specialists for umbrellas and developed a quality standard for promotional umbrellas, distinguished by high-quality workmanship and durability. That?s because reliability is part of our heritage.
FARE ? Enjoy the rain®
?Cheerful, even in bad weather? that?s the mission of the umbrella specialists from FARE®. This is why there are some very special pieces within the broad range of more than 120 different, high-class umbrellas that make it easy to keep smiling on grey rainy days. The diversity of colours and shapes offers the perfect matching umbrella for every purpose. So you will leave a good and long lasting impression at the recipient.
FARE ? Enjoy the creations!
Technology and design work hand in hand at FARE® in order to combine fresh and creative ideas with innovative functions. Every umbrella has the potential to become your very own tailor-made, one-of-a-kind item, by making creative use of the entire pallet of options available to you. You already have an idea? Let’s make a plan together.

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