Date: 27.02.2022 10:24:30

Master lamp brings yellow or green eggs to the emotion factory’s advertising customers. The egg carton of the “yellow” variant entices with Easter surprises in five variants. It becomes really natural and Nachwachsend with the “green” counterpart, where the Schokoeier times are not from chocolate. In this creative giveaway, customers can expect four so-called Flowerballs – small balls consisting of egg tree seeds, soil and clay powder, which can be distributed as desired and directly on the floor. With the third novelty, the bunny seed paper, the customer also plants the bunny and bee food of tomorrow. The seed of the flower mixture is already incorporated into the yellow bunny, which fits the Easter theme. The biodegradable paper is simply placed on or under soil. The customer does something good for the environment and the company draws attention to bee and species extinction.