Date: 06.05.2022 11:00:35

With the arrival of spring it is once again time to visit beer gardens, cafés and pubs. With the expected warmer days, garden parties, company events and summer festivals can also take place again and what tastes better than a freshly tapped beer, a tasty sparkling cocktail or a refreshing lemonade? To ensure good stability, beer coasters are used in all these venues and at the events, and companies have always used these small coasters for an often humorous advertising message. This has now also inspired the emotion factory for its latest product from the growing publicity category: The coaster made of seed paper.  In addition to a direct advertising effect in a feel-good ambience, this coaster gives a company the opportunity to further expand its sustainable customer perception, since this coaster is a “disposable product” with ecological benefits. The self-decomposing paper contains seeds in the varieties flower mix, herb mix, poppy or thyme. Instead of ending up soggy in the rubbish, the seed paper beer mat is laid out in the open and lightly covered with soil. Nature takes care of the rest. The result is a green feast for the eyes that even does something good for bees and insects and brings joy to its observer – so “throwing away” makes sense again! This spring and summer messenger is available in round and square and can be printed individually as desired, either in black and white or in colour. Starting from a quantity of 500 pieces! Cheers!