Date: 17.09.2022 10:26:01

Today, the classic letter is often replaced by email and WhatsApp. But let’s be honest: a postcard in the letterbox with holiday greetings from loved ones instead of an email, a love letter on paper instead of an emoji in a messenger service, there’s something about that. Holding a “real” letter in your hand shows much more intensively that the sender has put some thought into it. That’s why a print mailing is a good idea, especially at Christmas time. In times of sustainability, however, many companies want to avoid unnecessary paper. The new Christmas product from emotion factory does justice to both aspects – environmental protection and a personal letter. The new DIN LONG envelope made of seed paper is a practical mailing envelope and an ecological advertising message in one. The paper of the envelope contains spruce seeds which, in combination with water and soil, grow into a Christmas tree. The envelope itself is a meaningful gift. The envelope itself can be printed on all sides, has an adhesive strip and the paper is completely biodegradable. The envelope is available as a single product or can be combined with a card made of seed paper, which can also be printed individually. All other card products from the emotion factory range can also be combined with the envelope. Optionally, the Fischbach-based company offers the dispatch of the entire Christmas mailing with a lettershop and takes over the complete production and logistics. So the Christmas mail can come!