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In the deluxe category for laying tables, tea and coffee and useful accessories for wine and bar, the Bredemeijer Group B.V. carries three strong brands that complement each other and together present a beautiful and extensive product portfolio.
The double-walled teapots of Bredemeijer® are a household name amongst tea lovers all over the world. It is the design and high quality that makes real connoisseurs choose Bredemeijer. There is something for everyone in the vast collection of teapots.
Leopold Vienna
Leopold Vienna stands for clever and modern accessories for bon vivants. In the categories Coffee, Bar and Wine the professional as well as the enthusiast will have a more than adequate choice of products. The first matter being form and function at an attractive price!
Silver-plated gifts, table articles, children?s gifts and custom-made products. Zilverstad makes it all. Zilverstad is known for exclusive children?s gifts, but they are also known for their articles for an attractively laid table or a stylish décor. In addition to this wide selection, we can silver-plate almost anything. We produce all sorts of custom-made articles, such as cuff links, pins, sculptures and more, and in various materials.

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