Date: 26.12.2021 12:03:39

Comfortably warm around the heart becomes the customer with the winter honey with tea recipe of the emotion factory that around the Advent time a small customer greeting makes possible. With the natural product the hot beverage is given on the one hand the necessary sweetness and on the other hand something good for bees is done. The omnipresent topic of saving bees is thus taken up again by the Black Forest advertising manufacturer. “It is important to us that our advertising customers and we can do something together for the small honey producers,” says Managing Director Armin Rigoni, explaining the idea behind this new product. Packed in an over-reach packaging made of recycled paper, the small jar of bee product becomes a sustainable advertising messenger. The large over-reach packaging offers enough space for the individual greetings.

Image: High-quality glass meets natural sweetness – perfect advertising during Advent. Image: emotion factory.