Albert Nestler OHG
Rheinstr. 221
D-76532 Baden-Baden

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Nestler-matho GmbH & Co. KG is a company with over 100 years of tradition and based in Baden-Baden. Since 1965 the importer and warehouseman of design advertising works exclusively with the promotional industry. Long-standing connections, good partnership and reliable references distinguish Nestler-matho®.
The focus of Nestler-matho® daily business are exclusive promotional articles and a full-service, “one-hand” obtained for the demanding customer. In addition to goods directly from the warehouse Nestler-matho® provides its customers the possibility of direct import and customizing.
Through many years of experience and partnerships, the realization of specific customer projects and special self-design from the Far East of reasonable prices is Nestler-matho?s daily business.
The Nestler-matho® philosophy: Nestler-matho® is one of the leading importers of design and lifestyle products. The slogan “Technique meets Design” is philosophy and at the same time claim: outstanding technical products that combine function and design perfectly. Continued success comes from a stable balance between change and continuity.

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