Date: 03.02.2022 12:28:13

New week, new brand! 

GEARX takes craftsmanship to the next level with extremely solid tools that will serve you for a lifetime. Tools with a unique and luxurious look. GEARX offers a luxurious and solid experience. The brand has been specially developed for anyone who values durable and strong tools. Thanks to the high quality, GEARX tools are built to last and get the job done.

GEARX always there when you need it

hammers and screwdrivers, to flashlights and tape measures, each tool is the
result of a strong piece of craftsmanship that displays the unconditional
passion for technique. T
easily inform your customers about this new brand we have created an awesome
brand video, that is ready to storm the socials.

essential information on this great new collection is now available to share
with your customers, without the XD signature.