Date: 10.12.2021 19:28:14

All signs point to a new start! When the crocuses and tulips raise their little heads out of the ground, the trees sprout and the days are getting longer again, people also have more verve and tackle new things. This positive mood can be extended to everyday working life. Here, too, spring is the time for new campaigns and creative ideas.
The annual Easter festival, which, in addition to its Christian background, is also a festival of giving small gifts, is part of this positive mood of optimism. This makes the “egg hunt” the ideal opportunity to send a positive spring message to your customers. To ensure that the promotional greetings reach the customer in good time, emotion factory’s “Easter/Spring Herald 2022” catalogue already gets you in the mood for the positive spring season.
For the coming year too, the Black Forest promotional product manufacturer is also focusing on sustainable, green advertising material with a certain additional benefit and interactive ideas, so that the customer will think of the advertising company for a long time when putting together, planting, enjoying and baking.
Highlights are the new seed paper card Bunny in A6, which is an ideal scatter or mailing item due to its flat shape and at the same time does something good for nature conservation with the bee-friendly seeds.
Suitable for Easter, the promotional products in egg crates are a humorous and unique gift idea: Available either filled with flower balls or as a “Green Mix Box” with logo pot with seeds. For those with a sweet tooth, the boxes are available with chocolate bunnies, Nutella or jam, candle and logo pots as a “Yellow Egg” set. You can find more spring ideas and Easter inspiration in the new “Easter/Spring Herald 2022” catalogue.