Date: 12-4-2018 18:49:13

Dear Promidata users,

We are pleased to inform you that PowerCubes products are available in the Promidata webshop!

Implement our innovative and stylish Dutch Design products in your webshop and enrich your assortment.

PowerCubes wants to be the company that inspires you with products from a new standard. By this we mean that we look at everyday products with a critical eye and project our new standard on it.

Our products are used daily and ensure strong promotion every day.

Fast deliveries are our rule, because we keep stock and print in the Netherlands.

We are a reliable party that enables your suppliers to strengthen their relationships. We guarantee positive reactions with our original and useful gadgets in a “different standard”.

We look forward to a pleasant and successful cooperation!

Call for more info +31 36 3020 037 or email us

PSI number: 49748