Date: 29-9-2017 11:46:14

Cuddly moments
emotion factory is ready for winter days

Snow flurry, icy wind and dark days – what could be better there, than preparing for Christmas time with your customers with cute X-Mas decoration or to curl up with knitted socks by emotion factory in front of a fireplace or on the couch.
With Lenchens cozy-warm socks or the plant-wood office, which brings green into every office even in winter, emotion factory developed lovely designed products, which give a thought out additional benefit to the customer. These products will stay long-time as advertising messages.
With emotion factory´s 3D-wood-puzzle-card with motives Christmas crip or glittering 3D-X-Mas tree, the company from Fischbach in Germany adds the possibility to send the items flat in an envelope as mailing to large customer groups. By doing handicrafts the figures, which are made in Germany, will get their 3D-effect.
Space for advertising information is given on all products, either on the product itself or on a tag or card, which can be created and designed individually. More wintery advertising messengers can be found in emotion factory´s flyer „Weihnachtsfreuden 2017“, which can be ordered via