Update 2.14 announcement

The update to version 2.14 in the data center starts on 31.03.2017 at 7 pm.

The update will last all weekend.
During the update, Promotional Office can not be used.

For a list of new features and bugs, see the Promotional Office in the menu item Help in “Update Info” oder click hier.

Ihr Promidata Team

Here a list of the changes made in this version. It contains common wishes, paid changes and bugfixes:

Section Description Ticket Customer
Actions Select current Aktion automatic depend on the End Date 12299
In Position Actions show Product Name instead of Product Number 15103 Sourcing City
End Date calculation based on predecessor 13883 Sourcing City
Position Actions cause somtimes errors on saving 15402 Sourcing City
Accountmanager usable for Actions 14108
General On using “Fixed Preice” the calcualted Cost Preise is not roundet to 4 decimals 15168 CHX Products
Own Address changabel without stock Management
This can be done in the Menu Manage -> Manage Warehouse Address
Change Color and Size to Option1 and Option2
Instead of Color and Size Products have now 2 free definable options.
The available Options can be defines in the Menu manage -> Manage Options
When you would like to use other Options then the existing “Color” and “Size” you need new Templates. You can request them at your contact person. This change is chargeabel.
5910 KHK GmbH, Promidata
Menu Help -> Downloads is not opened in user language 15363
Multiple costs can be linked to Branding Methods (Inline)
Instead of just one text and one price for the Setup Costs, you can instead add one or more cost items directly to the Branding Method. These costs may be added per delivery or per quantity of the Branding Method. In order to print these costs in the same way as the former one-time costs, no changes to the Templates are necessary.
If you want to list the new costs separately, you need new Templates. You can request them at your contact person. This change is chargeabel.
12888 Laprinta
Add spelling check in text fields 15509 Joosten
Add St. Vincent and the Grenadines in country list 15228 Sourcing City
Quote Adding a refinement to multiple items at the same time no longer works 15229 Carpa
Advanced search optimized for article texts 14870 Bags by Riedle, KSI
Add Set total price Functions as in the order 13495 Escha GmbH
Quote/Sales Order Marked as shipped out of the overview without actually printing 13882 Sourcing City
When a new customer is selected, the user should be asked whether the payment terms etc. should be changed
Here, a selection is displayed in which you can select which data should be transferred.
11163 Buttonboss, Careconcepts,
Erik Kuiper, hbwa,
Hoogenboom, Mainsales,
Plan Concept
Close the real history after 12 months
This means that the old versions will be deleted after 12 months. In this case the old versions of quotations and sales orders which are closed can no longer be viewed in the history by double-clicking. This is necessary for faster work with quotations and sales orders.
Im the Menu Manage -> Advanced Settings, on the tab Preferences in the Other settings section, you can set the months in which the history is kept. The smaller the number of months set here, the higher the speed gain when working with quotations and sales orders. The value can be set between 1 and 12 months.
Restrict the positions to 50
Due to recurring problems when ordering and delivering sales orders with more than 50 positions, we have now limited them to 50 positions. This ensures faster working and fewer errors.
Make the question about changing the quantity in all same products as setting 13916 Denley, Joosten_Promogifts,
Extend the Setting for Send Directly when inserting by “only non-stock” 12213 Impression Europe
Use Total price does not include refinements 15434
History does not work after changing the prefix or suffix 15467 Outstanding Branding
After Change a Product in the root data you should be able to use the changed directly 3773 Call a Gift, ShirtBox,
“Total Costs” column Does not correctly aggregate the EK when the Branding Methods are in other currencies 14272 Sourcing City
Sychronise Customer and Supplier Texts is not copied 15518 Astria
Behavior after copying / converting unify 9344 KSI, Laprinta,
Promidata, van der Basch
Change shipping address is slow 14643 Lachmund
Pre-payment Invoice Adding Not Subject to VAT 13499 Laprinta
Product “Addition Product Number” is not copied 12230 Premobv
Select image as main image
This function can be found in the file explorer of the article in the context menu (right-click) on an already uploaded image
11675 Hoogenboom
Calling “Future Prices” gives errors in a new variation 14291
For variations hide the base number in using by check box 15035
Add a dynamic field list for webshops
They can be found in the article main dialog in the “Webshop Data” tab. This list is a preparation for importing the “High Quality Data” products
Add a field for Brand 14812
Display the complete number of the variation in the article info dialog 9711 Buttonboss
Change the Import and Export to Excel
This ensures that existing CSV import files can no longer be used.
Make Show field of article group and Customs tariff number longer 15101
Sales Order Ignore Minimum purchase order quantity in sample sales orders 15153
You get no warning on deleting a Sales order when a user has it open 15369 Meuleman
Categorie for samples choosable 15149
Last delivery won’t work with cost products 14539 Magna sweets, Peppermint
Margin and Margin in Percent are wrong summarized in the overview 10375 KSI, Lachmund
After combining with cost products the sales order is noch orderable 14669 Sourcing City
Overview does not work with to many Sales Orders 14063 Plan Concept, Premo BV,
Purchase Order When it is not cancelable the user should be informed 10997
Error message when the Adtion is changed without selection a new Action 15359
Negativ quantites in the Recommended Orders List 15563 De Witte Raaf
Content Import A Number will be inserter in new Field “Searchname” 13501
Support other base currencies, e.g. CHF
When importing from Promotional Content, the EURO VK price from content is converted into your own currency. The EURO EK price is converted into the currency of your supplier. Both are based on the your conversion factors. These can be found under Manage -> Advanced Settings on the Currency tab.
15356 Lyreco
In Belgium use Netherlands prices 15972
Optimize supplier data 15098
Import all available languages 15437
Printing Print all languages in Articeliste 10383 Lachmund, MAPRIPSA Europe SA
When printing multiple order confirmations, only the first job is marked as Sent 15746 Premobv
Print Delivery date on Pre-payment Invoice 9838 Herzog Products
Create new standard templates with functions from 2.14 and error corrections
For all new own templates they used as copy base. These changes can not be applied to existing own templates.
If you want to use all new functionalities on your templates, new templates are required. Diese können sie bei ihrem Ansprechpartner anfragen. Diese Anpassung ist Kostenpflichtig.
Optionen werden in Bestellung nicht in der richtigen Sprache gedruckt 11823 Careconcepts
Proforma Lieferschein Lieferschein mit Bestellung per Mail versenden 11017
Rechnungspositionen nach Auftrag gruppieren können
Wenn sie diese Funktionalität auf ihrem Rechnungsformularen wünschen, so ist eine Anpassung der Formulare notwendig. You can request them at your contact person. This change is chargeabel.
5655 Lachmund, Laprinta,
Maas, ShirtBox
Add Sortnumber in Report Templates
The sortnumber can be changed by the template administrator via the context menu in the template selection. Templates can now also be renamed.
Credit Note Remove Payment Terms 10835
Intern Optimize contactperson structure for customerexoirt 15751
Optimize Price Breaks stucture for statistics 15513
Configurator Display Error in dialog when using variations 13714 Careconcepts
Checkbox “Printposition” predefinable in configuration
Other options are also added to the Configurator.
The Checkboxen can be checked or unchecked. The 3. Option (Checkbox is filled gray) means to use the default as before the update.
8197 Buttonboss, Careconcepts,
Magna sweets
Price is not calculated in the correct currency 15435
Remove wrong displayed scollbar in simple configuration 12435 Escha GmbH
Optimize selection of options 13945 Buttonboss
SortNumber is not used 8383
limit usage of Unique in non-computable configurations
Meaning is that you cannot add a Product with a factor to a cost product which is already used as Unique and vice versa.
11053 Buttonboss
Customer Deactivate customizing in Adresscontrol 14511
Delivery Term should be shown the Show value as on the other selectable elements 13870 Interall Group
Check VAT Number should show a Message box when the dialog can’t be opened 10051 Astria, Blue Planet Promotions,
Buttonboss, DP Promotions,
G.E.P., HBW merchandise,
Herzog Products, Hypon,
Imhotep, JVO,
La Moustache, Mainsales,
Meuleman, PasCo Promotions,
Customer/Supplier Freetextfields correctly labled and ordered 14271
Customer Export The Option ‘Opted In for Newsletters’ fehlt 12020
Sex of addresses are always shown as Female 15658 Compacon
OutOfMemory when to many Customers are shown 14479 Laprinta, Mainsales,
Plan Concept
Stock Optimized overview 15581 Plan Concept
Supplier Catalog shows correct values after safe and not before 13810
On entering additional Name it wont be inserted into the address 14264
Delivery Notes Adding Column Tracking Number in overview 14961 Lachmund
Inovice Changing the Selling Price for Set-Up will not be visible on preview in total price 14855 Laprinta
JobReference not filled when there are only cost products in the invoice 14245 Compacon
VAT Amount not updated in Dialog when changing the Ally VAT Checkbox 15179 Bags by Riedle
rightsmanagement Deactivate Customer and Supplier overview by own right
When you have self defined right groups these rights will not be enabled in them throug the update.
13540 Hoogenboom
Add Not Subject to VAT as right
When you have self defined right groups this right will not be enabled in them throug the update.
11641 Lachmund
Right for change the valid to date does not work 13940 Compacon
Translations for rights optimized 15585 Compacon
Twinfield Freetextfield configurable
In the connection Twinfield you could now use the other freetextfields from twinfield.
ATTENTION! You should not change this configuration after starting using the connection. That could cause problems.
15710 Dukes Of London, ORB,
Tomato Source
Stockreceipts Memory will not released after booking a stock receipt 14938 Sourcing City
Web Service Extend Quoteimport with Probability 15523 KSI
Extend Linklists with DeleteExistingBefore 14672
Doku Service Proxy does not work propper 14178
Extend Enabled on Variation of the product in Info Service 15140 Sourcing City
Add Importer for Configurations 14204
Read, import and update all Options und Optiontypes with all languages 14174
Search for ProductUniqueId in GetExpectedStockMovement cause ArticleNotFound Error 14944
Extend Importers with VariationIdentifier where possible 14778
Protect Web Service with own right per user and don’t count that User in License
This is a option of a User in the Usermanagement. When this option is not activated the web service can’t be used by this user anymore. It is requred that your Administrator enables the option for all Users which should be able to use the web service after the Update. Without this activation of the option your webshop will not be able to import.
11808 Promidata, Sourcing City