mbw Vertriebsges. mbH
Westerfeld 3
24997 Wanderup

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mbw Vertriebsges. mbH is an owner-run company that has been operating at the location Wanderup in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany since 1980. The medium-sized family business, which specialises in the procurement and embellishment of promotional products, maintains carefully established and trustful trade relations to suppliers all over the world. Our product portfolio encompasses the quality brands MiniFeet®, Schnabels®, Squeezies® as well as the cult figure Mr Bert®. 

The exceptional products from Wanderup enchant you and your customers in manifold ways and provide plenty of moments of happiness. This enables their messages to be transmitted directly from the heart to the head. A successful marketing tool couldn’t be any cuddlier.

mbw® is a voluntary member of the amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and is committed to the BSCI code of conduct. The aim behind this is to support member companies, to improve working conditions across the entire worldwide value chain by implementing a systematic monitoring and qualification system as well as to introduce measures for the protection of the environment. 

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