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MALFINI, a joint-stock company based in Ústí nad Labem, is a
Central European leader on the market of promotional textile and a leading
supplier in other European countries with emphasis on corporate social
responsibility. Its portfolio also includes the work clothing segment. The Company
offers over 300 different products. The B2B character of the Company’s business
model is based on the e-shop, suffi cient warehouse stock, fast logistics and
perfect customer service. The Company operates in almost 35 European countries
as the leader in the product range with its Malfi ni, Malfi ni Premium and
Piccolio brands, supplemented with the Rimeck work clothing. The total annual
revenue of EUR 74 million that the Company has produced despite the globally
complicated economic situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic is the result of
work of three hundred employees. The Company has also been reporting profi t in
the long term. The Company also has foreign branches: the one in Beijing, China
opened in 2016; the organisational unit in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was founded in
2018 and the one in Hungary in 2021. The modern, sophisticated and fully
automated warehouse centre in Ostrava, expanded to the total area of 19,300 m2
, has a capacity exceeding twenty-fi ve million pieces of promotional textile.
Up to 250,000 products can be shipped daily. Deliveries to key markets in the
neighbouring countries are implemented within 24 hours. All the MALFINI
products are subject to strict laboratory tests and besides many special
certifi cates, they hold the world-renowned seal of quality, OEKO-TEX Standard


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