Double reinforcement in the Promidata team

At the beginning of september, the German-dutch software company Promidata was able to welcome two new young employees: Noah Pelzer and Jordy Kleijkers both started the final phase of their IT training. As part of the last academic year, they will both go through a six-month internship within Promidata.

Noah is very familiar with HTML, CSS, Magento and PHP and will therefore, in the first place, support our webshop developers in all upcoming Projects. Managing Director Roy Kemmerling: “this is urgently needed, because the demand for promotional webshops is currently growing very fast. Thanks to the efforts of Noah, we can continue to quickly deliver the webshops and quickly process the product data in the many webshops. “

Jordy is on the other side of the spectrum within the Software Engineering training. He will be setting up and guiding a completely new software project at Promidata. The software will get its application within the promotional industry. Details about this new software project cannot yet be made public.