Here a list of the changes made in this version. It contains common wishes, paid changes and bugfixes:

Subject Description Ticket Customer
General When using multiple number ranges, double invoice numbers can be created 19759 Timon Enterprise BV, van loo
Insert the delivery time per variant and display it as a delivery date calculation in a dialog 20714 Plato-Igo
Puerto Rico is missing from the country list 19350 Sourcing City
Sint Maarten is missing from the country list 19620 Interimage
Artikel Improvements to the item search through improved indexes in the DB 20589 Plan Concept
Artikelimport Warning and note are exchanged when importing from Excel 21202 ErikKuiper
Order Can save locked order if the credit limit is exceeded 20506 Plato-Igo
Open the order in the product planning via the context menu 20534 Plato-Igo
Changes to the customer’s credit limit should be visible when opening the order 12153 Hoogenboom
Creating a delivery note while the order is changed leads to invisible delivery notes 21001 Sourcing City
Creating a packing list while the order is changed leads to an incomprehensible error message 21249 Sourcing City
Content Import Farbe in suche nicht mehr sichtbar im Suchergebnis 20786 viele
No pictures for products with variations in the wizard 20744 Toon
Search for parts of the article number does not work 20757 viele
Print Get print data of the customer in the report script 9528 Careconcepts, Lachmund,
Meuleman, Sourcing City
Customer Restrict Adjust Credit Limit Over Right 20507 Plato-Igo
Fix wrong calculation of credit limit 11188 Recto Lennox
Correctly calculate closed but not calculated orders within credit limit 5875 Maas , La Moustache,
Credit limit should be predefined for new customers by setting 20715 Plato-Igo
Assigned catalog cannot be deleted 21322 HdeBruijn
PIM Import with customs tariff numbers incorrect, if these already exist 21254 Astria
RESTful API Data extract of the dashboard data available as a list 19933
Get  reservations for each storage location using paging 21451 Lachmund
Just log in once more and then stay logged in 20787
Invoice Optimize printing of large invoices 21253 Bas Bedrijfskleding
Error message when 2 users want to calculate the same order cannot be read 21250
Invoice item statistics do not correctly calculate one-time costs
21462 Laprinta
Twinfield Before-after calculation no longer shows a value if the order was changed after booking 20776 Compacon