The hotfix will be installed on Thursday the 15th of January 2019 in the Data Center after 9 pm. There may be a short break during installation. We ask for your understanding.

 The following tickets are solved with this hotfix:

  • Ticket 19642 Common- Input dialog is not centered anymore
  • Ticket 19639 Product – NullReferenceException in productoverview solved
  • Ticket 19769 Invoice – Export to csv makes error on whitespaces in Agent name
  • Ticket 19709 Invoice – Canceling with inline costs do not take the correct price
  • Ticket 19752 Invoice – NullReferenceException in invoiceoverview solved
  • Ticket 19621 Invoice – Selection of the startdate not correct displayed
  • Ticket 19602 Invoice – Optimizing reading buying invoice for pre-final-calcualtion
  • Ticket 19248 Web Service – Creator of offer and sales order now fetchable

Homeserver which already have the version 2.17 can request this hotfix from our support.
Homeserver that does not have the version 2.17, get this hotfix automatically when updating to 2.17.

Your Promidata Team