Hotfix 2.14.6 announcement

The hotfix will be installed on Tuesday the 13th of Juni 2017 in the Data Center after 9 pm. There may be a short break during installation. We ask for your understanding.

The following tickets are solved with this hotfix:

  • Ticket 16797 Customer – Datecolumns in ‘Last Contakt’ Dialog not filterable by date
  • Ticket 16636 General – When enter a duplicate Option Key there is no red X which shows the error
  • Ticket 16736 General – When clicking multiple on preview the preview is opended multiple
  • Ticket 16719 Printing – Optimise mass mail send of invoices
  • Ticket 16683 Product – Sporadic error in overview after searching
  • Ticket 16840 Productimport – Error message for non-importable data in the Excel file incomprehensible
  • Ticket 16794 Purchase Order – When reserving in stock orders you should be able to reserve more than is needed
  • Ticket 16708 Quote/Sales Order – Choose another address with main contact person and there is no main contact person leading to empty language in the address
  • Ticket 16634 Quote/Sales Order – If there are no actions, no new ones can be created
  • Ticket 16793 Sales Order – Error message after converting an order to an offer when the order summary has been closed
  • Ticket 16821 Web Service – In the GetCustomerInformation method, the contents of Warning and Notice are interchanged
  • Ticket 16755 Web Service – Retrieving special prices for customers and price groups
  • Ticket 16685 Web Service – When placing an offer with refinement, the quantity ratio does not match
  • Ticket 16842 Web Service – The CustomerSearch method with the AnyEmail search option does not find the e-mail in the contact persons
  • Ticket 16630 Web Service – General error when importing articles with images
  • Ticket 16672 Web Service – Error calling method GetIndentInformation

Your Promidata Team