Own categories upload for Promidata Webshop

Your Promidata Webshop is filled with products from your chosen suppliers. These suppliers determine which products fall into which categories. You can change that, you can create new categories yourself via the Promidata Dashboard, and let multiple products fall into these new categories. You can also place the same product in multiple categories. You can even drop the original categories defined by your suppliers. Below, we explain how you can design your own product category structure within Promidata Webshop.

A) Within Promidata Dashboard, open the “Custom categories” option.

Click on the hamburger menu (1) and then on the option “Custom categories” (2).

The following screen will open.

B) Download an example excel sheet by clicking on the button “DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE”.

The following excel sheet will then open.

C) Fill in the example excelsheet.

  1. Here you fill in all model numbers of the models you want to move to another category.
  2. Here you name your new category. If you want to put the model in multiple categories you can separate the categories by using “;;”.
  3. Here you can indicate whether you want to remove the product from the old category or not by entering “true” or “false”.

Please note:
To get the correct model numbers you can download individual product lists for each supplier via Promidata Dashboard.
This is done via the menu item ‘Basic information’. To download the product list of a supplier, click (1) on the hamburger menu and then (2) on the menu item ‘Basic information’.

D) Upload your customised excel sheet

After you have uploaded the excel sheet with the new category names, a new profile will be generated for your shop. The changes in this profile will be imported automatically into your webshop later on. This process can take up to 24 hours before the changes are visible in your web shop.

E) (Optional) Download the last excel sheet you modified

If you ever want to change the excel sheet, you can download your last modified excel sheet and add to it or change it.