Maintenance announcement

On Tuesday the 7th of September 2017 from 9 pm we will do necessary maintenance work in the data center. During the maintenance work, Promotional Office will not be available. We ask for your understanding.

Your Promidata Team

Here a list of the changes made in this version. It contains common wishes, paid changes and bugfixes:

Section Description Ticket Customer
General Error occurs in the program after you have opened the report designer
Because of this error it was not possible to open the report designer a second time or to use the file explorer of Promotional Office.
14436 Factory Groep, Koornneef,
Lesmar, Promidata,
ShirtBox, WOTP
Inline costs for products
This function had to be enabled by the administrator in the settings first. Complete new reports are necessary. This change is chargeable.
16637 Sourcing City
Add Inline costs for products and the price calculation for inline costs based ob the product quantity to the auto add function 16731 Sourcing City
Add a rounding per position after discount calculation 15829 mbpromotion
Show supplier news and advertised products on the start screen 17188
Quote/Sales Order Show price overview with replay prices per product including the containing branding methods and inlnecosts
You find this as new tab next to the product text tabs.
15633 Sourcing City
Pre-payment Invoice The “Not Subject to VAT” is not used on canceling 16845 IGEP
Product The pictures are not correctly updated on a new search in the overview 16723 Juice Promotions
Sales Order Make fast booking  possible for direct dispatch
This function had to be enabled by the administrator in the settings first.
16252 KSI
Showing the related offer does not always work 17133 Plan Concept
Purchase Order Making a copy with a lot of available variations takes to much time 16868 Gilt Edged
CTI Collection the phone number takes to mus time
For this an update of the CTI Cache Server is required. When you need that update, please contact our support.
16887 KSI
Configurator Add a new option for price calculation for inline costs based ob the product quantity
Product with a quantity of 500 and inline cost “Order costs” with the quantity of 1. In that case the price per piece will be used from the price relay 500 of the “Order costs” because to find the price per piece the quantity of the product is used. But this price will be calculated one time.
16714 Sourcing City
Customer Customer sign selection in the discount does not work 15989 Timon Enterprise BV
Customer Actions Make Textblocks usable in the description 16361 Compacon
Delivery Notes Extend the export with customer reference and product purchase order number 17113
Rechnung Prevent summarizing when different delivery countries are used
Deliveries of one sales order in different countries will no longer combined to one invoice.
10705 Imhotep, Lachmund
Statistic Tool
(Paid additional program)
Error in Splashform 17060 Gilt Edged
NullReference error 17061 Lachmund
Create Storage Value Statistic with date from when the stock quantity is used
This makes it possible to call the stock quantity and the stock value for a particular day in the past.
16999 Interimage
Display StorageStatistic data in correct language, add the complete product number and order advise quantity 16729 Gilt Edged
Twinfield Add accounting period in the pre & final calculation overview 6650 Peppermint
In the pre & final calculation overview hide sales orders
This is possible over the context menu.
15917 Compacon, Meuleman
Update customer data in Twinfield 15846 Hoogenboom
Optimize the pre & final calculation overview with paging 16888
Use the regulator correctly 16120 mbpromotion
Web Service Alle color and size properties and models rebuild to option or varation 17212
DataNotFoundException on DispatchType error on creating an offer or saled order 17292 Laprinta
Make transfer limits configurable
This is not available in the data center.
16078 KSI