Date: 17-6-2021 19:31:50

Who has the choice, is spoilt for it! This applies not only to the election year 2021, in which the state elections in spring are followed by the federal elections in autumn when it will be decided which politicians will enter into the German Bundestag, but also in a positive sense for the colourful seed bags of the emotion factory. Optionally you get the green products, which are ideally suited as selfmailers, elective advertising or advertising greetings to the customer in the work at home space, namely now in even more diverse variants and individually designed already from a practical quantity of 1,000 pieces.

Since this year, the promotional product manufacturer from Fischbach in the Black Forest has been offering its popular seed bags ecologically valuable packaged with sustainable content in three sizes. The smallest variant “Mini” is only 6. 3 x 9. 8 cm in size and fits even better into the envelope without sacrificing individually printable advertising space.

In addition to the size, the seed bag, which has been used countless times as a popular promotional product, can be varied by three different types of paper. Because of this particular charm, this product is truly ecological.
One version is the grass paper, which is produced 100% from renewable raw material, namely green grass. The look supports the sustainable look and is completely colourful designable and printable. The different seed varieties of colourful sunflowers and aromatic marjoram are perfectly presented by the special packaging.

Ecological until the roots
In addition, the seeds, which are also available in organic quality, can be ordered in recycled paper in natural and polar white, as well as in rustic kraft paper in packing paper optics, where a black-and-white print emphasises the natural look of the advertising message. “Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture and should be lived down to the last fiber of our products. Our customers should also benefit from this”, says Head of Sales Adrian Rigoni, “from production to energy consumption or shipping, we ensure that we act environmentally conscious wherever possible.”
The seed bag can be ordered in these three types of paper in the sizes 8. 2 x 11. 4 cm or 11. 5 x 15. 6 cm as well as the new small version. Diverse seed varieties can be selected in the new catalogue 2021 or at