Date: 30-6-2021 08:00:41

Outside, the snowflakes are swirling. Inside, it smells like Christmas cookies and the family decorates the Christmas tree, windows and rooms festively. If you look out of the window at the moment, it's almost impossible to imagine, as it's only just getting really summery. Nevertheless exactly now is the correct time around the customer gift to year end to make, has one nevertheless still enough time itself the most beautiful to select.
That's why the emotion factory from Fischbach in the Black Forest has now added a new highlight to its portfolio for the Advent season. Since time immemorial, Christmas tree balls have been one of the most beloved Christmas decorations, and when the sparkle of the candles is reflected in the shiny round, a festive mood immediately arises. The mouth-blown glass baubles are made in the Czech Republic and individually printed. The printing also includes a piece of handwork, which makes these special Christmas gifts in different colors for customers to something very special. For hanging the 8 cm large ball is an eyelet made of aluminum attached. Packed is this highlight that can also be well as a window decoration, on the Advent wreath or arrange in a beautiful vase in the Christmas individual box. The individual advertising print on the ball itself can be applied on one or both sides or even all around. This way, the advertising company is guaranteed to be positively remembered and even part of the Christmas festivities.