Datum: 20-5-2019 12:05:03

. . . . there's only one answer: NOW! – with the new 2019 summer herald from the emotion factory. Larded with green promotional products, exciting non-food items and the latest news on the topics “Save the bees” and environmental protection, the catalogue whets the appetite for promotional gifts in summer.
Ecological footprint continues to be a topic for customers
The topic of sustainable promotional products with a green thumb will not diminish in 2019 either. Therefore, the emotion factory continues with its products “Bee-aid stick” or Flower-Balls to place value on flowers to prevent bee mortality. The reduction of microplastics can be supported with the fruit net, the swing bowl made of bioplastics or the drinking straws made of pasta. But also summer promotional products like advertising fans or the proven promotional products for four-legged friends may not be missing in the summer messengers. Make your customers feel like summer right now. While customers are still dreaming about their holidays, the best opportunity is to remember your company with a creative and cost-attractive promotional product. . . Browse through our summer heralds 2019 and discover exciting things about gardening in the office or little helpers against the summer heat and reach your customers in this way.