Date: 03.02.2022 14:22:53

The smell of hay on a walk, of fresh brushwood or spicy herbs in the forest. Does this also awaken childhood memories for you? Or lavender…- the blue-flowering spice reminds you of the last, relaxing holiday in the South of France or Italy. Our nose picks up scents and, according to research, our brain can perceive up to a trillion different nuances – from floral to musky or spicy – and one thing is for sure the saying “Being able to smell someone well” is no coincidence. The emotion factory from the Black Forest is using human sense of smell for a new promotional product 2022, because: Why not use the positive associations that smells can bring about in people? Moreover, herbs and co. support health and well-being with their aromas.
The fragrance sachet with a lavender or herb mixture is therefore a truly fragrant advertising messenger. This little talisman for on the go, under the pillow or as moth protection for the cupboard is sure to be used and ideally comes without chemicals and without artificial aromatic substances. The small fragrance sachet made of 100% cotton fabric is lovingly produced by hand in an inclusive workshop in Germany and filled with either 15g of dried lavender or herbal mixture. The top of the bag is tied with a ribbon.
Packed fragrance-proof in a cello bag, this little highlight comes with an individual advertising card printed on both sides. For a minimum quantity of 500 pieces, emotion factory also offers a one-colour print on the bag. Fragrant memories of the advertising company are thus guaranteed.