Date: 16-8-2018 7:14:59

Dear Promidata User,
we are from Berlin and specialize in the production and personalization of smartphone and tablet cover cases, some also say protective covers. With our products we accompany the interested parties on their way to digitization.
Smartphones, tablets and the like are already an essential part of our working life. The devices are used for communication in many different ways and have become indispensable tools.
It is our passion to protect them and to carry the names and messages of companies around the world. We place the highest demands on the quality of our products and our performance. With the knowledge that you have to face new challenges every day, we work hard to keep our products and the associated services in the pool position.
For this purpose, we have also placed our range of products in your online system, thereby increasing the visibility of the products and creating demand among your customers. Product information is presented briefly and concisely, thus providing an overview and giving interested parties their first impressions. Detailed questions about our range consisting of Smartphone & Tablet Cases, accessories such as tempered glass display protection, finger holders and more, please contact our responsible employee Peter Loew Send a short e-mail with the request for contact and Mr. Loew will get in touch with you. For a telephone contact Mr. Loew is available under +49 2181 479100, in our Field Office.