Date: 20-5-2020 9:42:30

Dear Customer,
Be alert to health during this time, also keep a close eye on body temperature.
With the Fit-Band this is very easy to keep track of and you even get a vibration when this body temperature increases. Due to the connection with the Android / iOS, various Smart Functions (see below) can be managed in the App on the smartphone:
-Heart rate monitor
-Blood pressure monitor
-Body temperature meter with an accuracy of + – 0.3 ℃
-Multisport program with GPS
-Sleep monitor

Messages via Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter are also visible in the display, as are incoming phone calls which can be easily rejected via the single-touch function.

The models are available from 25 pieces in the colors black, blue and red. Printing is possible as a laser engraving on the metal clip on the belt.

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