Date: 11-5-2020 11:01:08

uma sustainability® – working sustainably for the better

uma sustainability® stands for green production, sustainable action and social, entrepreneurial responsibility. At uma, we live by holistic and outstanding CSR management in which the interplay between resources is optimised daily as part of a tolerant and sustainable corporate philosophy.

The result are products whose value is defined by more than just their price, making a case for how the current discussion on sustainability can be handled.

Tackling climate change is without doubt one of the greatest challenges of our generation. That’s why we at uma are doing our bit to help. The uma recycled PET PEN range as well as uma WOODEN WRITING UTENSILS are produced completely climate-neutral. This also includes the climate-neutral finishing of all uma writing utensils at our production site in Fischerbach, in the heart of the Black Forest. You can find out more about climate-neutral production at uma in our brochure provided.

The umaNATURALS range provide an answer to sustainable advertising and writing. An uma writing utensil only earns the title of 'sustainable’ if it can be guaranteed that the materials, production methods, supply chain, advertising and finally also the recycling and disposal are 'sustainably’ carried out.

Knowledge is worth it – find out more about the various sustainable raw materials and production processes in the umaNATURALS.