Date: 20-1-2020 8:59:45

Not only green is in this bag but the packaging itself is produced with green thought: The seed bag, which has been used millions of times as a popular promotional product, gets its special highlight from four different types of paper at the emotion factory in the Black Forest and ensures that the advertising company can send a completely ecological mailing article. So next year, the emotion factory will present a brand new seed bag made of grass paper. This is paper which is produced from 100% renewable raw material, namely green grass. This material does not detract from the appearance – on the contrary, because the seed bag can still be printed and designed in a variety of colours. The various seed varieties, from sunflowers to marjoram, are perfectly presented by the special packaging.
Ecological down to the last fibre
In addition, the seeds from Germany, which are also available in organic quality, can also be ordered in recycled paper in natural and polar white, as well as in rustic kraft paper in packaging paper look, where a black and white print underlines the nature look of the advertising message. „ We want to remain true to our line and once again make sure that the overall package is right for this product”, says Head of Sales Adrian Rigoni, „a green promotional product is packed in a green manner by us, produced under sustainable conditions, for example with green electricity, packaged in renewable materials and then sent to the customer with climate-neutral shipping”. The seed bag can be ordered in these four types of paper in the size 8.2 x 11. 4 cm. Various seed varieties can be selected in the new 2020 catalogue or at