Date: 27-1-2020 8:53:35

Whether as a rocking plastic bowl, as a silver design box, balcony box “Silver-Garden” made of aluminium or the Office Garden, a bag filled with plant seeds and substrate – the emotion factory brings green into the customer's office and the advertising message right to it.
The Fischbach-based non-food advertising specialist turns summer into the green and thus ecological advertising time. The proven variety of plant seed varieties, combined with a peat tab, packed in the most creative plant pots, are thus an environmentally conscious and valuable advertising ambassador: “The ecological footprint is becoming increasingly important for companies. We support with our somewhat different plant pots and advertising messengers”, Armin Rigoni, Managing Director of emotion factory, summarises the possibilities for hobby gardeners. Sufficient space is also provided for the individual marketing message, so the lightweights – each under 50 grams – are always equipped with a printable advertising space. These and other plant pots and green advertising can be found at It starts already from a quantity of 250 pieces.